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Wigzi Dual Doggie Walks
Wigzi Dual Doggie Walks
Wigzi Dual Doggie Walks
Wigzi Dual Doggie Walks

Wigzi Dual Doggie Walks

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You have two dogs? It is not always easy to keep both dogs at the same time, right?

This can not happen with the duo dog leash!

With the duo dog leash you can easily guide both dogs with one hand, without the two lines getting tangled up. Walks are so much more relaxed. Not only for you, but also for your two companions.

The swivel joint prevents the lines from crossing each other as it constantly moves and re-aligns itself.

With the two stoppers you can control both lines independently of each other - and effortlessly.

Since the two buttons correspond in color to the respective leash, you always know exactly which button you need to press. The duo dog leash is ergonomically shaped and thus fits well in your hand.

It is also very light, which of course makes it even more comfortable. The two three-meter-long lines disappear almost completely in the coil, so they do not get tangled until the next walk.


  • Two lines on one hand
  • Stopping at the push of a button
  • Marked in color 3m per leash
  • Suitable up to 50 pounds (per leash)

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